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Thursday, December 30th, 2010

If you wish to contact Tim Dugger please go to www.FirehawkGames.com where you will find him and the new company he works for. You should definitely check out Novus as it is a very interesting system.

Novus is currently available in 3 different PDF versions (rules content is identical in all three versions), and in print from both RPGNow and Chronicle City.

If you wish to recover any lost PDFs from the old ICE store or just to check out your account, you should be able to so here.

If you wish to contact Bruce Neidlinger for any reason please email mgbrucen@aol.com

Free HARP/Hârn Guide!

Hârn is an exciting and wonderful setting produced by Columbia Games. It is richly detailed and vibrant and gritty and full of life.

With this product, you get all of the guidelines you need to run a HARP game in the exciting world of Hârn!

Produced by our friends from ICE Japan, and fully approved by Columbia Games, this is your official guidelines on using HARP and Hârn together!

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